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Confidentiality and confidentiality of information



 The confidentiality of your data on the Internet is greatly appreciated and paid for by us.



 This policy has been prepared to help you understand the nature of the data we collect when you visit the technical links website and how we process this personal data.



 Browse user



 The design of this website is not intended to collect your personal data from your computer when browsing the technical links website of, but the use of the data you provide will be solely for  your knowledge and willingly.



 IP adress



 Whenever you visit a website on the Internet, including this technical website from, the host server will record your IP address, the time and date of the visit, the type of web browser you are using, and  as the address or URL of any website on the Internet that links you to that website.



 Online surveys



 The surveys carried out by the technical links site on the Internet allow us to collect specific data and details from you, such as your position, your opinions, your opinion and your thoughts on the site.  From the site, and know that you have total freedom and the possibility to choose to provide personal or other data.



 Links or links to or to other websites



 The technology website may contain links or links to other websites on the Internet.  Or on advertisements from other third party sites such as Google AdSense and we are not responsible for the data collection methods by those sites.  You can consult the privacy policies and the confidentiality of the information and content of these sites within them if they are accessible via a link within this site.

 technology links may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads if you visit our site.  These companies have the right to use information about your visits to this site and any other website (except name, address, email address or telephone number), in order to  to be able to provide advertisements on products and services that may be of interest to you.  If you want to read more information on this subject and if you want to know all the options available to you to prevent the use of this information by these companies, you can follow the following link:



 Share or disclose information



 The task of maintaining the confidentiality and confidentiality of all of your personal data that we may obtain will be our top priority. technology links website will not disclose this information unless disclosure of information is required by law or when you are satisfied and in good faith that such action will be required or desirable to comply  to the law, or in order to defend or protect the property rights of the Links de technologie site or a recipient thereof.



 Data needed to complete the transactions you need



 When you need to get your data, the technical website will ask you to provide it of your choice and your choice.  This information will allow us to contact you and respond to your requests wherever we can.  The sale of the data that you have submitted will not be sold to any third party because it markets them for its own benefit without obtaining prior written approval, except in the case where it was made on the basis that it is one of the  collective data used for statistical and research purposes without including data that can be used to identify you.



 When you contact us or call us



 All data provided by you will be treated on the basis of their confidentiality.  There are directly submitted forms that may require you to provide data that can help us improve the site and the services it provides.  The use of this data that you provide will be in response to any requests, comments or requests from the technology website or one of its affiliates.



 Disclosure or disclosure of information to a third party



 Sell, trade, rent or disclose any information to a third party outside of our site. These are procedures that the technical website or its affiliated sites will not perform.  The disclosure of this information is only made in the case of a judicial or regulatory decision issued by a competent authority.



 Changes to the privacy policy Tech Links reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of its privacy policy and information if necessary and when it deems it appropriate.  The changes here on the Privacy Policy page or the Terms of Use page will be implemented, and we will also keep you informed of all the data we have obtained, how we will use it and who we  can provide them.



 Contact us



 You can always contact us when you need any request for information, comments or comments by clicking on the contact us link provided in the main menu of the site or by clicking here: call us or send to our email



 Final Notes:



 The confidentiality and confidentiality of your data, your interest in them and your concerns about them are extremely important to us. Tech Links hopes this will be possible through this privacy policy.


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